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In this post we have covered some interesting questions and answers on Cartoon Jessica Character.

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1 .What is Jessica Rabbit’s profession in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

A.  Singer
B.  Detective
C.  Chef
D.  Scientist

Correct Answer:-A ( Singer)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit is a nightclub singer at the Ink and Paint Club.

2 .What color is Jessica Rabbit’s iconic dress?

A.  Red
B.  Blue
C.  Green
D.  Yellow

Correct Answer:-A ( Red)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit is often seen wearing a glamorous, form-fitting red dress.

3 .Who framed Roger Rabbit in the movie?

A.  Judge Doom
B.  Eddie Valiant
C.  Jessica Rabbit
D.  Benny the Cab

Correct Answer:-A ( Judge Doom)
Description:- Judge Doom is the main antagonist who framed Roger Rabbit.

4 .What type of animal is Jessica Rabbit’s husband, Roger?

A.  Rabbit
B.  Cat
C.  Dog
D.  Mouse

Correct Answer:-A ( Rabbit)
Description:- Roger Rabbit is, indeed, a rabbit.

5 .What is Jessica Rabbit’s famous catchphrase?

A.  “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”
B.  “Oh, dear!”
C.  “What’s Up, Doc?”
D.  “To infinity and beyond!”

Correct Answer:-C ( I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.)
Description:- This iconic line is spoken by Jessica Rabbit in the film.

6 .Who provided the voice for Jessica Rabbit?

A.  Kathleen Turner
B.  Julia Roberts
C.  Meryl Streep
D.  Angelina Jolie

Correct Answer:-A ( Kathleen Turner)
Description:- Kathleen Turner lent her sultry voice to the character of Jessica Rabbit.

7 .What is the name of the animated character Jessica Rabbit is often compared to due to their similar looks?

A.  Betty Boop
B.  Minnie Mouse
C.  Daisy Duck
D.  Olive Oyl

Correct Answer:-A ( Betty Boop)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit’s design is often compared to the classic animated character Betty Boop.

8 .What is the name of the club where Jessica Rabbit performs?

A.  Ink and Paint Club
B.  Toon Town Tavern
C.  Cartoon Cabaret
D.  The Rabbit Hole

Correct Answer:-C ( Ink and Paint Club)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit is a singer at the Ink and Paint Club.

9 .In the movie, who hires Eddie Valiant to investigate Jessica Rabbit’s activities?

A.  R.K. Maroon
B.  Baby Herman
C.  Roger Rabbit
D.  Benny the Cab

Correct Answer:-A ( R.K. Maroon)
Description:- R.K. Maroon, the owner of Maroon Cartoons, hires Eddie Valiant to investigate Jessica Rabbit.

10 .What is Jessica Rabbit’s hair color?

A.  Red
B.  Blonde
C.  Brunette
D.  Black

Correct Answer:-A ( Red)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit has fiery red hair.

11 .What type of animation style is “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” known for?

A.  2D Animation
B.  Stop Motion
D.  3D Animation

Correct Answer:-A ( 2D Animation)
Description:- The film combines live-action with traditional 2D animation.

12 .Who directed “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

A.  Robert Zemeckis
B.  George Lucas
C.  Steven Spielberg
D.  Tim Burton

Correct Answer:-C ( Robert Zemeckis)
Description:- Robert Zemeckis directed the film.

13 .What is the name of Jessica Rabbit’s song in the movie?

A.  “Why Don’t You Do Right?”
B.  “I Just Called to Say I Love You”
C.  “My Heart Will Go On”
D.  “Hakuna Matata”

Correct Answer:-A ( Why Don’t You Do Right?)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit performs this song at the Ink and Paint Club.

14 .Who provided the live-action performance for Jessica Rabbit’s singing scenes?

A.  Jessica Lange
B.  Kathleen Turner
C.  Michelle Pfeiffer
D.  Amy Adams

Correct Answer:-A ( Jessica Lange)
Description:- Jessica Lange provided the live-action performance for Jessica Rabbit’s singing scenes.

15 .What is the name of the fictional city where “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is set?

A.  Toontown
B.  Cartoon City
C.  Toonville
D.  Animation Acres

Correct Answer:-C ( Toontown)
Description:- Toontown is the fictional city where the movie is set.

16 .What is the significance of Jessica Rabbit’s character in the overall plot of the movie?

A.  She is a key witness.
B.  She is a detective.
C.  She is a bystander.
D.  She is the main antagonist.

Correct Answer:-B ( She is a key witness.)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit becomes a crucial witness in the investigation.

17 .What is the name of the animated universe where the Toons reside in the movie?

A.  Toontown
B.  Cartoonland
C.  Animation World
D.  Tooniverse

Correct Answer:-D ( Toontown)
Description:- Toontown is the animated universe where the Toons reside.

18 .What is Jessica Rabbit’s marital status in the movie?

A.  Married
B.  Single
C.  Divorced
D.  Widowed

Correct Answer:-B ( Married)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit is married to Roger Rabbit.

19 .What is the primary reason behind Jessica Rabbit’s reputation as a femme fatale?

A.  Her stunning appearance
B.  Her criminal activities
C.  Her magical powers
D.  Her intelligence

Correct Answer:-B ( Her stunning appearance)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit’s sultry appearance contributes to her reputation as a femme fatale.

20 .What item does Jessica Rabbit use to manipulate Eddie Valiant in the movie?

A.  A magnifying glass
B.  A gun
C.  A carrot
D.  A wallet

Correct Answer:-C ( A magnifying glass)
Description:- Jessica Rabbit uses a magnifying glass to focus Eddie Valiant’s attention.

21 .Which animated character makes a cameo appearance in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” as a cab driver?

A.  Woody Woodpecker
B.  Bugs Bunny
C.  Mickey Mouse
D.  Donald Duck

Correct Answer:-D ( Woody Woodpecker)
Description:- Woody Woodpecker makes a brief cameo as a cab driver.

22 .What is the name of the animated shoe that appears in the movie?

A.  Stiletto
B.  Sneaky Pete
C.  Flipper
D.  Footsie

Correct Answer:-B ( Stiletto)
Description:- Stiletto is an animated shoe character in the movie.

23 .What real-life actor makes a cameo appearance in the movie as a toon character?

A.  Christopher Lloyd
B.  Mel Gibson
C.  Harrison Ford
D.  Tom Hanks

Correct Answer:-A ( Christopher Lloyd)
Description:- Christopher Lloyd makes a cameo appearance as the toon character Judge Doom.

24 .What is the name of the animated taxi driver in the movie?

A.  Benny the Cab
B.  Speedy Gonzales
C.  Turbo Taxi
D.  Lightning McQueen

Correct Answer:-A ( Benny the Cab)
Description:- Benny the Cab is the animated taxi driver.

25 .In the movie, what is the significance of the red writing on the murder weapon?

A.  It’s a clue to the killer
B.  It’s a love message
C.  It’s a secret code
D.  It’s a toon signature

Correct Answer:-C ( It’s a clue to the killer)
Description:- The red writing on the murder weapon is a clue that becomes significant in the investigation.

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