History of Africa and Australia Gk Questions

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Explore our comprehensive guide on the history of Africa and Australia with key GK questions. Dive into rich cultures, landmark events, and significant figures that shaped these continents. Perfect for students, history enthusiasts, and quiz masters seeking to broaden their knowledge.

1.  The policy of racial discrimination followed in South Africa was called:

A.  Non-Aligned
B.  Civil Rights Movement
C.  Apartheid
D.  Suffrage

Correct Answer:-[C] ( Apartheid )
Description:-  The policy of racial discrimination followed in South Africa was called Apartheid.

2.  Who was popularly known as Africa’s Gandhi?

A.  Mir Karzai
B.  Nelson Mandela
C.  Firoz Gandhi
D.  M.K. Gandhi

Correct Answer:-[B] ( Nelson Mandela )
Description:-  Nelson Mandela, the former President of South Africa, was known as Africa’s Gandhi. Like Martin Luther King Jr., Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere and Zambia’s Kenneth Kaunda, Mandela was deeply influenced by Gandhi’s ‘passive resistance’ and ‘satyagraha’ as effective political tools for use by unarmed victims of a powerful opponent.

3.  Who discovered Cape of Good Hope in 1488 ?

A.  Magellan
B.  Columbus
C.  Bartholomew Dias
D.  Vasco da gama

Correct Answer:-[C] ( Bartholomew Dias )
Description:-  Bartholomew Dias, a Portuguese voyager, discovered the Cape of Good Hope in Africa in December 1487. He had named the Cape “the Cape of Storms” (Cabo das Tormentas), but King John II of Portugal later renamed it Cabo de Boa Esperanca (Cape of Good Hope).

4.  The previous name of Zaire was

A.  Benin
B.  Liberia
C.  congo
D.  Sierra Leone

Correct Answer:-[C] ( congo )
Description:-  Zaire, officially the Republic of Zaire was the name of a Central African state, now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, between 1971 and 1997. The state’s name derives from the name of the Congo River, called Zaire in Portuguese.

5.  Which decade is called as the “Era of Decolonisation”?

A.  1950’s
B.  1980’s
C.  1990’s
D.  1970’s

Correct Answer:-[D] ( 1970’s )
Description:-  Most historians describe late 1950s as the era of decolonization. It was in this decade that largescale decolonization in Africa first began. In 1951 Libya became the first African country to gain independence in the decade, and in 1954 the Algerian War began. 1956 saw Sudan, Morocco, and Tunisia become independent, and Ghana became the first sub-saharan African nation to gain independence in 1957.

6.  Who was the 1st President of South Africa after apartheid?

A.  Zuma
B.  Nelson Mandela
C.  Kofi Annan
D.  Booker T. Washington

Correct Answer:-[B] ( Nelson Mandela )
Description:-  Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, and philanthropist, served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the country’s first black chief executive, and the first elected in a fully representative democratic election.


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